Vibrating panties and online sex toy stores

Remote control Vibrating panties for sale are sex toys, which you should get from online sex toy stores. There are few reasons, why you should, but also few cons why you shouldn’t get them from sex toys stores.

remote control vibrating underwearLet me tell you something first. If you wonder how will your package look when you got your sex toy, so you can be calm. Because they are usually packed like any other item that you purchase online. Vibrating panties for sale are no exception in that.

So you don’t have to worry if you’ll get delivery with the truck with big penis on the roof. So you can easily order one of the remote control vibrating panties for sale. No one will ever know, what you get and you can start enjoying new level of your sex life.

waterproof-remote-control-vibrating-thongsOf course, you have many options to choose from. Only among vibrating lingerie you have wide range of choices. So you can choose those with feature you like, material you like most, color and so on.

It’s always your decision which new »friend« you’ll choose to satisfy your sexual needs, but, before you choose, you should know pros and cons about sex toy you like.

It’s not important only a color and the price. Because it’s not wise, to get one of the cheapest remote control vibrating panties. It may happend, that you feel very sorry, that you don’t choose one with the waterproof feature, or something else you may like.

voice sensitive vibrating pantiesHow to spot best vibrating panties for sale?

It’s very easy to see, if you are on good online sex toy store. Best indicator for that is, that you have many options to choose in the sidebar.

Next one is also very handy. While you search for best vibrating panties for sale, on good online adult stores, you should have quality indicator of the product in the shape of the stars. More stars item have, better is the product. All of those stars are given from the customers, which are satisfied with this product, or not.

This way you have information about  the product from the first hand.

You should also read the comments, which you can find at the bottom of the product description.

To find good quality information about all types of vibrating underwear, you should visit this website:

Which online sex toy stores are trustful?

Online you can find a lot of those. Of course, not all of them are worthy of you money and trust.

Below you can find sex toy stores, which we trust:
(with click on the name of the online sex toys store, you’ll be »moved« to online store) – best place to get any type of sex toys. Use promo code PAY5LESS – 5.00% Off (No Order Minimum) or 10OFF50– 10.00% Off ($50.00 Order Minimum) – worldwide well known online store, the place, where you can get almost anything you may need at home. – Best place to get vibrating sex toys. There is also a great place to get one of the remote control vibrating panties for sale – They have FREE shipping if you make purchase for $45+.

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How to find best realistic pussy and ass masturbators

How to find best realistic pussy and ass masturbator is common question among people who want this sex toy. Some of them purchase one or two of them, at the end they are dissapointed. Because I have enough of this, I’ll share with you my secret.icon-pdx-350-x-350

What is pussy and ass masturbator?

This is a sex toy, which offers to user best satisfaction of its sexual needs. There are two hole, anal and vaginal, each of them usually have different texture on the inside. However, both of them, are made to provide ultimate pleasure and stimulation.

On the market you can find also sex toy with four holes, like you have threesome with two sexy ladies. More about this awesome sex toy you can find if you click on
Double Decker Threesome Pussy And Ass Masturbator.

How to find best realistic pussy and ass masturbators?

Farrah Abraham backdoor vibrating pussy and assThere are few ways, but I’ll show you best two ways. There is easy way and longer way. So, let’s talk about the easy way.
First you should go on one of the online sex toys store. I highly recommend you one of these two:

(click on the name of the store) – There is wide range of choices, best thing is that in header of the store you can find promo code for discount. Use the advantage of it! – This is a worldwide well known online store, where you can get sex toys, as well as other things that you probably need at home.

When you are on the site, in the search bar type »pussy and ass« and click on magnifying glass or press enter on your keyboard.

Now you should see products that match your keyword.

fuck-me-silly-2In the sidebar (usually on the left side) you have many option to choose. If you want one of the best from customers with star rated pussy and ass masturbators, you should click on four stars or more.

Then you should see all the realistic pussy and ass that have four or more stars. This means, that every single one of them,was got at least four stars from satisfied customers.
There you should pick one, that fits most of your desire of course, the price is one of the pointers too.

Don’t be a miser. Give yourself a gift, of high quality masturbator, that will be with you for a long, long time.

Second way, is longer, but at the end you’ll get similar result. Only different is, that here you should check all the sex toys that you like and read the comments of users that already have that choosen pussy and ass masturbator.

ffs_bubble_butt_valentines_714x239_v02This will give you best in sight, but if you follow the instructions that I give you before, you’ll save a lot of your time.

Because, there are others that do work for you and rate sex toys, that they already got. So you don’t need to brainstorming, which realistic pussy and ass masturbator is good and which is not.

Now you know, two best ways about, How to find best realistic pussy and ass masturbator. All you need to do is use it and take the advantage of it, that many people don’t know!

To find best reviews about realistic pussy and as masturbators, visit

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Cell phone controlled vibrator panties

These days, modern technology sorrounds us on every step. Sex toys are no exception in that. Every day people develop new apps for controlling stuff from cellphone. So here we’ll talk about Smartphone controlled vibrators.
On the market you can New We Vibe 4 Plus App Only Model - Purplefind cell phone controlled vibrators. You can find these in different sizes and shapes. All that those smartphone controlled vibrators have common is, that you can control it with your smartphone.

Usually you download app for your iPhone or android device, install it and use it as you like. It gives you all the freedom you need to control the vibrations of your smartphone controlled vibrator

Advantages of Cell phone controlled vibrator

Advantage of these, is in its controlling and you have the remote controller of vibrator always in the reach of the hand. You don’t need any remote controller no more. You simply start the app on your iPhone or android device and start control the vibrations of SmartPhone controlled vibrator.

How to use Phone underwear?

OMBBM0156ac8d510da40Yes, you see it right. You can get also Cell phone controlled vibrating panties on the market. OhMiBod make those and you can controlled it with your iPhone or any other android device. This gives you a lot of freedom, no matter if you play solo or with your partner.

Phone underwear is one of the sex toys, which just rising in the world of pleasure.

»Go here, if you want know more about this Phone Underwear.«

How to clean Smartphone Controlled Vibrator?

As usually, vibrators should be cleaned before and after every use. To clean it up, you should use sex toy cleaner. If you get one of the waterproof vibrators, you can clean it also with water and soap.

Where can you use it?

blue motion remote control vibrating pantiesIf we talk about smart phone contrlolled vibrating panties, you can use it, almost wherever and whenever you like. Because you can wear your smartphone controlled vibrating panties the same as your panties. You just have the additional feature, that can give you vibrating stimulations. Those can control someone else or you.

Other Smartphone controlled vibrators you can use it where you want, if you dare.

Where can you get cell phone controlled vibrator?

Online you can get those in few online stores, but I’ll give you a shortcut to two of them, that I trust most.

To get there, click on the name of the store!

Topvibratorsshop – There you can find many vibrators and among them, also phone underwear.
Look for Blue Motion Nex 1 Bluetooth Vibrating Panty O/S.
Use the advantage of promo code in header to get discount!

Amazon – World wide well known online store, where you can get many vibrators as well other stuff that you may need at home.

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Vibrating panties for better sex life

Any woman like to wear seductive lingerie. Most of them use some sex toy, to satisfy their sexual needs. Think about, how you will react if you find something, that combine these two things in one? Vibrating panties are just perfect for you, if you like both of before mentioned things.

There are many woman who like to tease a man, with seductive looking underwear. Especially if they wear black thongs underneath the white see through pants or even  a skirt.

remote control vibrating underwearImagine, that you can reach an orgasm, wearing Remote Control Vibrating Panties. They still look seductive and tasty, but wearing them, you can reach an orgasm wherever and whenever you want to.

All you have to do is to wear one of those sexy looking vibrating panties, which stimulate your touch delicate area down there.

If you want more excitement, trust the remote of your remote controling vibrating panties to your partner, or you new friend, if you want to explore the land of pleasure with completely stranger. Who knows, maybe this works best for you.

If you wonder that you can’t get those pleasures because of your »bigger size«, let me calm down you. There is no size limitation of enjoying in vibrations of vibrating underwear.

If you don’t get size for you, don’t worry. You can make it from panties that you already have in your drawer. You simply get vibrating bullet and put it in the front on the place, where you get most stimulation.
Otherwise, you should looking for plus size vibrating panties for sale.

2015-04-27_2257_001Now you can see what you can get from vibrating panties for better sex life. But this is not all.

Let’s talk about foreplay. I must say from my experiences, any woman love foreplay. It helps her to relax and enjoy in stimulation, wherever she like. We all are different, but we all like pleasures, that sex give to us.

No matter, if you play solo, or with your partner, using vibrating underpants is something that you can do anytime and anywhere.

Some of couples use remote control vibrating underwear for foreplay while they take a walk in a park or while driving with bus. Those who dare more, use these while they shopping at the mall. Of course, there are countless ways to use vibrating underwear. You are limited only by your imagination. Don’t lose a chance to get vibrating stimulation anywhere you like.

Take the advantage of remote control vibrating panties in your hand or trust the remote controller of them into the hands of your partner.

Believe me, both of you, will enjoy and have fun. But real action follows the taking your vibrating panties down, or not, it’s up to you.

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14 Reasons to wear vibrating underwear

There is no question about popularity of vibrating underwear. Anyway, some of you may still need reasons to wear vibrating underwear. So I decide, to share them with you.


Many people love to try stuff that are popular among people that sorrounds them. Popularity of remote control vibrating panties is growing, especially after they was shown in Oprah show and of course, after the release The ugly truth movie. There you can really see, how powerful this sex toy is.

remote control vibrating underwear2.Powerfull sex toy

The fact, that you can reach an orgasm using vibrating panties is more than enough reason to try it. Of course, if you dare.

Unique power is hidden in remote control vibrating panties, which you can use only at home if you are shy person. Anyway, some of vibrating bullet inserts have unique features, which gives to user even more joy and excitement.


There are few features that is worth of discus.

Remote controlled vibrating pleasures
In other words, pleasure from distance. This means that you or other person can controle vibrations from a distance up to 20 feet (12 meters). This is more than enough, that your partner tease and please you, while you do almost anything at home, especially if you two have foreplay.

Voice sensitive sensor
This sensor is hidden inside the remote controller. So you can relax and enjoy in vibrations from whispering of your partner. You can also go to a party and enjoy in the rythm of loud music or on the concert of your favorite band.

Yes, you see it right. Some of vibrating bullets are waterproof and we all know what this means. You can go under the shower and enjoy in vibrating stimulation of vibrating panties, or you enjoy in them, while relaxing in pool or in the bathtube.

Vibrating thongs4.Sexy look

Vibrating panties are not only a sex toy. They also have seductive look, so wearing them, you can easily turn on your partner on. Of course, these panties you can wear like any other lingerie, that you already have in your drawer.


This unique sex toy, which combine modern technology and sexy looking underwear, is awesome as a gift for the person you know. It can be a Birthday present or as a anniversary gift for your partner.

Bachelorette party is also an unique way to surprise your best friend and have fun.

vibrating bullet insert6.Make at home

As you see, you can enjoy using vibrating underwear with almost no cost. You can get vibrating bullet insert that is best for you and put it into your undies on the place, that you like most. So you get powerfull sex toy, while you wearing your favorite underpants.


Maybe you think: »Yeah right, if you have money to purchase them?!«

Actually, you can get those for very affordable price. If your budget is really low, you can always purchase just vibrating bullet and use it in the lingerie that you already have at home.

8.Wide range of choices

There is no coincidence why they call those »vibrating underwear«. You can get, or make those, from thongs to boyshorts. So, only limit of vibrating underwear that you’ll wear, is your imagination.

9.Vibrating bra

Those are reachable too. You can see it in the video below, where Jennifer Aniston try it in Ellen show. If she like it, why don’t you like it too?


On the market, you can find those in any size you want. If you can’t find such a big number, as you see before, you can make it at home.

If you are looking for those online or in sex shop, try with plus size vibrating panties.


Many couples use those for foreplay. With vibrating stimulation they ignite the passion in their partner, so when they come home, the real action is just begin.

12.Something for everyone

Playing with your partner using remote control vibrating panties offers to both of you joy and excitement. So both of you get something. One have the power of control in its hands, the person, that wear remote control vibrating underwear enjoy in vibrating pleasures.

vibrating-underwear-for-men-thong13.For men and woman

Not only women, even man can enjoy in vibrating pleasures of vibrating underwear for men. You can get those for your partner and surprise him, with this jaw droping gift.
If you wonder, how vibrating panties for men works, here is the short review.
Vibrating underwear for men have two choices of positioning of vibrating bullet. This stimulator, can give to him annal or testicular vibrating stimulations.
So there is no excuse for your men that there is no vibrating sex toy for men on the market.
Surprise him! You’ll be glad you did that.
Both of you can stimulate one another for foreplay and after that go into action all night long.

To find out more about them, GO HERE!

14.Anytime, anywhere

Vibrating panties especially remote controlled, can be used almost anywhere you like. Most common use is at the cinema, mall, bus, walking through the park and so on. I believe you get the picture, where can you and your partner explore pleasures given by remote controlling vibrating bullet insert in your panties.

As you know, the limit is only your imagination and resourcefulness.

Most interesting here is expectation. Because person who wear those panties, never knows, how controlling person will react.

This is really also a play of trust, especially if you use these on public places.

As you see, there’s a lot of reasons to wear vibrating underwear. It’s your decision, which one you’ll choose.

Many people using those for foreplay. So ignite the passion in you and your partner using vibrating panties.

To find out much more about vibrating underwear, you should check

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Vibrating underwear from Amazon

Amazon is well known online store, which offers you many items that makes your dream come true. Vibrating underwear from amazon is a type of underwear, that is most wanted from woman. Let’s talk about pros and cons about that.
remote control vibrating underwearLet’s make something clear. There is vibrating underwear for women as well as for men. Sure, this type for underwear is way more usable by women, but still, your man can explore vibrating pleasures down there as well.


  • Wide range of choices
  • Trustful online store
  • Many discount offers – if you know how to find them
  • Star rated items from satisfied customers – or not
  • Many filters that you can use to find best one for you
  • World wide shopping


  • slightly higher prices than many other sex toys online stores
  • no discount codes
  • Rare FREE shipping

vibrating underwearThose are facts that are well known among regular customers. Maybe you don’t agree with some of them. Even though, there are few negative facts, Vibrating underwear from amazon is stuff with good quality and in my opinion checked producers.

If you want vibrating lingerie that is most popular these days, use the shortcut and search for remote control vibrating panties. Those are well known among users, it’s fun for couples and solo use. Especially couples enjoy it, while one have the remote controller, other – person who wear those enjoy in vibrating pleasures from distance.

To find out more, cheeck the amazon offers HERE!

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Wanna first hands FREE male masturbator

Few days ago, I come across one unique article about first mega male masturbator, which offers to user hands FREE masturbation. So I decide to share it with you here few things about Mega Bator.

Twitter is the social media, where I found a lot of good quality information about all kind of things.

Sex toys are no exception. So, few days ago I stumble upon a tweeet, that cought me unprepared.

Hands FREE male masturbator is something that I have never think of.
OK, I admit, I am familiar with a lot of sex toys for men and woman, but this is really something that blows me away.

Well, if we talk already about of mind blowing sex toys, men’s that are already did try this, definitely had awesome sexual experience.

anyway, in my opinion it’s better than Fleshlight, which was No.1 male masturbator in the world until MEGA bator is out.


So what this Mega Bator do?

First of all, this is not just ordinary male masturbator. It combined sex toy in one ultimate male masturbator.

It’s stroker, it’s vibrator, it have suction cup holder, it’s rechargeable and waterproof. However, this is not all.
It have also a media device holder. So you can enjoy in in hands FREE masturbating sensation while you watch any filthy material that turns you on.

Why I think this is great Sex Toy?

I would love to have this toy, because of rechargeable feature, because messy cords are definitely distraction.
My favorite hole is pussy, but you can also choose mouth or ass. Every hole have its color of masturbator.

PrintIt’s waterproof, so I would enjoy in hands free masturbation under the shower.

Suction cup holder is definitely the core of this male masturbator. It helps to enjoy in hands FREE sensation.

But there is one more thing that I like. Media device holder can be helpful at least at the begining to turn you on before action.

All together is one awesome male masturbator, which also vibrates stroks and escalates and is one and only hands free male Masturbator.

Well that is it. You can find more about this if you follow this tweet:


If you want to get one, use a promo code OFF10 and get 10% instant discount.

Choose your color and hole that you like most among this three

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Reviews of Plus size vibrating panties

Everyone with bigger sizes, sooner or later, come across with size problems. Adult industry is not an exception.
But, if you looking for vibrating pleasures in your panties, you should read this through. I’ll show you, where you can find reviews of plus size vibrating panties.

2015-04-27_2257_001Let’s talk about vibrating underwear first.
This is unique lingerie, which combine modern technology and seductive looking underwear of all types and sizes.

You have three basic type of controlling of vibrations:

No control – you turn on bullet insert, put it into your panties and enjoy in vibrating stimulations.

Wired remote control of bullet insert – here you have remote controller, which is connected with bullet in your panties with wire. It’s good to play in couples too.

Wireless remote control plus size vibrating panties – here you have the remote controller which is wireless. Some of those have a range up to 60 fet (20m) away. So it’s great for playing with your partner. This type is most common among couples.

2015-04-27_2257There is one more version of wireles remote controlled bullet insert.
It’s voice sensitive remote controlled bullet insert – It’s the same as wireless remote controlled bullet, with one special feature of voice sensitive sensor, which is hidden inside of the remote controller.

Now you know different types of vibrating underwear by controlling.

Where can you find reviews of plus size vibrating panties?

If you search online, usually you get online stores with lack of information. Here I want to share with you link to website that will help you find information with reviews.

Check it out with click on Reviews of plus size vibrating panties.

To get one for you – GO HERE! 

Use a promo code TOYS4U for instant 10% discount (no minimum order).

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Halloween Sexy costumes

Don’t know what to wear at Halloween party? Halloween sexy costumes are stuff that you need, if you want to go at the Halloween party. It’s right to have some fun, so let’s talk about sexy Halloween costumes.

No matter which size you wear. You can choose among wide range of choices of sexy Halloween costumes. It’s right to have fun and it’s right to wear something seductive. You must be spotted from opposite sex.
Police officer sexy Halloween costumeOf course, there you can find costumes for men and woman. I must admit it, men have a little bit shorter list of what we can choose. But anyway, there are always great options if you chose some uniform costume. Chicks will love it.

However, women have wide range of choices. In my opinion, the sexiest are sexy Halloween corset costumes.French maid sexy Halloween costume It’s very seductive and eye catchy, no matter if you wear small or plus sizes. Every woman have its own unique curves.
To find more information about those, click on sexy Halloween corset costumes.

The most popular are Playboy bunny, sports babe costume , Naughty Schoolgirl, Sexy Nurse costume and French maid costume.

If you stay at home and prepare a surprise Halloween party for your partner, pick something spicy. Naughty school girl or Nurse costume are just perfect for something like this. Of course, you can wait your man dressed in Police officer and cuff him.
Don’t forget the child in your spirit and let it out.
So don’t stay at home and go out at some party. Have fun, seduce one of the costume at the party. Go with the flow, go crazy and enjoy it!

Here is the special offer for you to get Halloween sexy costume cheaper.
Grab your chance and save 10% with using special promo code HALLOWEEN – no minimum order!

Use your code, by clicking on Sexy Halloween Costumes!

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Funny sexy soaps

Would you like to surprise your friend with fun gift? Maybe she have bachelorette party and you need something extra for that crazy day. Funny sexy soaps are just perfect for your intention. Anyone would like to surprise its friend with unique gift. Especially if there is in question last days of friends single life.penis shape soap Of course, woman must get rid of the stress and it’s great to go out and celebrate. What is going on is up to party planer, but fun gifts usually come down like raindrops. It’s suppose to be like that. That is the purpose of it. To get crazy, stress free and fun all around you. So penis shaped soap is one of those gift which actually can be used. Not only that. Future bride that will use it, will be remembered on this special party and there will be big smile upon her face. There you can find several other funny shapes of soaps. Try to find one that is in your opinion most funny for receiver. There is also a kit that her man can make penis shape soap for her molded from its penis.I have another idea. You can surprise her with Vibrating lingerie. You can find one, no matter what sizes is the person that will get those. So don’t hesitate and get one for your friend, or tell your friends where you can get it. I believe, that all of you will have big loud laugh from the bottom of your heart. Check out quite wide range of choices of funny sexy soaps – CLICK HERE!

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